How to become a successful entrepreneur while studying

By Farzana Zahra

GOMBAK, 5 April 2019: “Work until it works!” That was the advice from Ainaa Syazana to the students who wanted to try doing business during their studies.

Ainaa said, “In fact doing business while studying will not affect our study as long as we know our priority as a student.”

“As a student time management is very important and try to prioritise things well,” she added.

Ainaa said this in a forum held on Thursday (4 April) at Experimental Hall organised by Secretariat of Arabic Language and Literature (ALA) under Student Affairs.

She said, “As a student, it is a must to search for our own money and not to expect solely from our parents. Being a multitasking person is a must.”

According to its programme manager, Zarul Fazli Zul Bahari, this forum was intended to help students increase their welfare as well as to help them search for income while studying.

Moderated by Miqdam, a representative from Secretariat of Arabic Language and Literature (ALA), the forum was participated by two panelists – Ainaa Syazana, founder of  Yati Murtabak and Gotmek’s dropship, and Faiz Fadzli, a student of Arabic Language, who is the founder of Ezygro Fertigation Agro.

Faiz Fadzli shared his experience in starting his own business while studying saying that the “key is passion and hard work”.

“Study is number one but business is not number two,” he added.

Focus, set a specific goal, balance and maintain. These are the four important elements emphasised by both panelists to those who are keen to try doing business while studying. ***

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