Knowing the status of soul in psychology

By Alya Nadiah

GOMBAK, 11 November 2018: An awareness campaign of psychology in Islamic perspective will be held on 16 November to promote awareness on the Islamisation of psychology.

Themed “A Heart Without Beat: The Missing of Soul in Psychology”, this exhibition is aimed at defining the soul and its importance in psychology.

A heart without a beat will provide various kinds of explanation regarding the missing roots in psychology, which is the soul in an effort to generate further understanding on the real meaning of psychology from Islamic perspective.

The exhibition will also play a vital role in resetting the misconception of Islamic psychology and to expose to IIUM community that Islam plays a big role in psychology.

Organised by the Department of Psychology, it is calling on IIUM community to visit the exhibition and join the campaign. For further information readers are advised to contact Mohd Azri at 010-8970086.***




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