Klazziq.com biz keeps Syaamil moving on in between studies

By Liyana Sheridean

Today, we do not have to worry about having to walk under the hot sun to the store to get groceries, or to think of alternatives to get to the car on rainy days to head to supermarket to buy things. No more worries to get through the hassle to find parking space and to look for change to pay for parking. Today, everything is at our fingertips. Everything is just a tap away.

E-commerce is an online platform where majority of students have gotten themselves involved in as agents, drop-ships and even founders. This platform does not only produce business involving clothes, cosmetics and whatnots… Services too are being provided such as grab food, food panda as well as e-learning via online classes, etc. The market is expanding as we speak, everything starts with the worldwide web. It creates opportunities for students to earn side incomes too.

Klazziq.com is a portal that provides convenience of learning for potential learners and tutors. On a side note, Klazziq.com offers privileges to these learners and tutors to promote their services without charging them a single cent, as long as it is learning based. Interesting right? This website aims to make learning accessible anywhere at anytime, hence the concept of knowledge is as wide as the world, and all you need to do is tap to gain it.

Let’s just say Klazziq.com is like Facebook, it connects people. It connects people through education and experience. The world has Mark Zuckerberg as an icon of Facebook and Jack Ma as the icon of Alibaba.com. Well, we have Putera Muhammad Syaamil as the icon of Klazziq.com. Putera Muhammad Syamil is an undergraduate who is currently a student of Kulliyyah of Information, Communication and Technology (KICT) majoring in ICT. He is the founder of Klazziq.com and currently runs the website with his teammates.

Klazziq.com is a portal officially launched in August recently and is being operated by six people. This website is a product of some studies carried out by the founder, which according to him, had opened the door to opportunities for him to start a website and step into the business of e-commerce. Syaamil also stated that he had his views widened and broadened due to exploring.

“In this 21st century, if you want to be successful, you have to empower others.” A statement by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.com that captured the founder of Klazziq.com’s attention as to get him going. According to Syaamil, the market now does not evolve around the conservative way. It is beyond!

How? By empowering others. They do not buy in big quantity but they work for big qualities. Klazziq.com is a portal that provides a platform for tutors to teach online without worrying about the physical presence of learners and to think of venues to hold a seminar or course. Hence, the concept of empowering others is likely to be visible here as Syaamil together with his team are providing a platform to these tutors. And indirectly people using their platform are contributing to them by signing up to use Klazziq.com. It is a win-win situation.

To get to the end of the road there will always be speed bumps. So, how would Syaamil counter these speed bumpy obstacles to get Klazziq.com to the next chapter? According to Syaamil, he always focuses on their niche, which in this case, e-learning. “If you put your mind to it, everything is possible to achieve,” he said.

These speed bumps are the ups and downs that he and the teammates have to go through to make it work. Mindsets and perceptions are what matters the most. For Syaamil and his team to make it through this bumpy and unpredictably rough road, they have to come out with several ways to overcome these obstacles, one of them is to put their mind and heart to it. He said that commitment is very important, and to fully dedicate is to love what they do and to always think of the rainy days ahead. It is a routine, to wake up and go for work, thinking of the next step to work on. A routine that requires daily motivation and inspiration to keep moving on.

There will not be any end product without the bumpy journey throughout. As Syaamil is a 22-year-old undergraduate student who is currently still studying, he has to think of the possible outcomes that he and his teammates will have to face. And that is one of the many things that has kept him in the loop of reality, that he is still novice at this and needs more knowledge and experience to power up Klazziq.com. It is a challenge for Syaamil to juggle his business in between his studies. However, one of the many positive outcomes he received out of innovation is that he has created networks.

A sacrifice made by the founder of Klazziq.com and his teammates, who shed blood and tears to make the dream a reality, is indeed what society has to experience. This team has made knowledge very accessible and convenient to the whole wide world. Science, maths, language, arts, you name it, are at the very fingertip of yours. ***






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