Pentas Dakwah: Four compete to be in the next round

By Khairi Yusri

GOMBAK, 14 October 2018: Four out of eight contestants of Dakwah Pentas competed to seize the opportunity to the next stage at the contest which was held at the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL) in IIUM campus here on Friday (12 October).

The four participants who competed in the first day of the first round were Batrisha Binti Norhamzi (KIRKHS), Muhammad Amir Huzaifah (KOE), Puteri Balqis Binti Alias (KIRKHS) and Mohammad Danial Bin Jeffri (KOED, each of them was given a 5-minute challenge to present their talent and tazkirah on stage.

Danial from the Kulliyyah of Education expressed gratitude to Allah that he was given the opportunity to join this edition of Pentas Dakwah to apply the knowledge he has learned.

“Alhamdulillah, I was given a chance to join the Pentas Dakwah where I could convey and practise my theoretical knowledge in class without which I won’t be able to put into practice what I have learnt,” he said.

The participants felt that this programme has challenged them to speak with authentic arguments.

“This programme has challenged me to speak with authentic arguments and be confident,” said Batrisyah from Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences. “Because when I look outside, most people usually talk without valid arguments,” she added.

Puteri Balqis admitted spending lot of time searching for valid arguments besides watching videos on public speaking to improve the quality of her presentation.

“I spent a lot of time looking for information to make sure the things that were delivered were authentic,” she said, adding that, “Besides watching video programmes on YouTube, I also took from the experience and learned how to give arguments and to deal with audiences.”

Amir, from the Kulliyyah of Engineering hoped that there will be more programme like Pentas Dakwah that can be popularised.

“I hope there will be more programmes like this and more promotional than entertainment programmes will be produced,” Amir said. “It’s important that the community realise that there should be a focus on religion,” he added.

The programme was attended by some 100 students. ***


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