Get Office 365 for free and here’s how to install it

By Ahmad Charis

Office 365 or well-known as Microsoft Office 365 is one of the essential softwares that students must have in their laptops or gadgets. It is due to its privileged functions which enable students to write, edit, share, and to accomplish their assignments.

But the major hindrance that strikes the students is the price. Majority contended that the price is outrageously high for students and a few asserted that the price is equal with its conveniences. Henceforth, a number of students crack, install in an illegal way, the software for non charged usage. Indeed, doing this absolutely violates the rules and regulations stipulated by Microsoft Corporation.

To combat this non virtuous practice, IIUM’s Information Technology Division (ITD) provides Office 365 to students with free of charge. This service is absolutely an outstanding offer perceived by the IIUM community. More surprisingly, ITD provides Office 365 full version which enables students to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Onenote, Outlook, Publisher (PC only), and Microsoft Access (PC Only).

In some cases it is found that students are having problems when using illegal version such as “Microsoft Word has stopped working” or mainstream pop-up stated “this copy of Microsoft Office is not activated”. All these problems are irritating to users because while they are typing something, the software suddenly stopped working. Thus, the users are highly encouraged to update Office 365 with legal and original product key.

Installing Office 365

Here are the ways to get free legal copy of Office 365 through iMaluum.

First thing you need to do is by accessing iMaluum website. After logging in, students need to go main menu and then click “Mail”. This way is different with how to download Windows 10 that students must go to Software section. After clicking Mail section, it will be directed to

Next, input Microsoft email address (how to get IIUM Microsoft account will be explained in following paragraph) and password to closely download Office 365 from official site From this site, click the “Install office” button.

Right after clicking install office button, there are several processes that must be taken, those are downloading the Office installer, downloading Office 365, and installing Office 365. This installation process depends on the Wifi connection. The faster the Wifi connection, the faster the installation process.

Getting IIUM Microsoft account

There are two ways to get IIUM Microsoft account. Firstly, by going to iMaluum then directly go to My Services. In My Services, click Office 365 “self register”, then there are steps in the instruction that must be taken. Secondly, ask ITD officials to activate IIUM students Microsoft account. ***


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