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The chaste tulasi, the best of flowers, adorable and lovely, destroys the fuel of sins like a flame of fire, o muni, she is most sacred of all the goddesses.

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Information about Tulasi.

Modulates healthy immune response and supports early recovery from respiratory illness.

Srila Prabhupada taught us never to think of Tulasi as an ordinary plantShe is a great devotee standing before us in the form of a small treeShe appears as a delicate tree in this world to serve the Lord and uplift human society.

Vrindayai tulasi-devyai priyayai keshavasya ca krishna-bhakti-prade devi satyavatyai namo namah.

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so you follow and practice tulasi affairs and you try to distribute your experience to all other centers, that will be a new chapter in the history of the krishna consciousness movement.

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