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If any indication of a threatening situation existed allopurinol 100mg discount, follow-up calls and additional help were provided for the wife.

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Th pots that th concomitant us ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and thi-azid diutics may contibut tth nhancmnt allopui-nol toxicity in som patints hav bn viwd in an attmpt tstablish a caus-and-ct lationship and a mchanism causation. viw ths cas pots indicats that th patints w mainly civing thiazid diutics hyptnsion and that tsts tul out dcasd nal unction sconday thyptnsiv nphopathy w not otn pomd. In thos patints in whom nal insuicincy was documntd, howv, th commndation tlow th dos ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) was not ollowd. Although a causal mchanism and a caus-and-ct lationship hav not bn stablishd, cunt vidnc suggsts that nal unction should b monitod in patints on thi-azid diutics and ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) vn in th absnc nal ailu, and dosag lvls should b vn mconsvativly adjustd in thos patints on such combind thapy i diminishd nal unction is dtctd.

Th AVA is intndd UK uss. Mdical pactic may di in dint gions, splas sk local advic instad using th AVA i you a outsid th UK.

Ollow all dictions givn tyou by you doctphamacist caully. Thy may di om th inomation containd in this lalt.

Dnot tak this mdicin i you a mmb you immdiat amily has hamochomatosis, a condition wh th is tomuch ion in th body, and you a alstaking ion salts at th sam tim.

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if necessary, the dose is increased, increasing the intervals between doses of allopurinol 100-300 mg every 48-72 hours .

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