Donations needed for Muslims in Belgaum, India

By Alya Nadiah

GOMBAK, 5 August 2018: A team of 10 IIUM students from Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) is looking for donation to help Muslim community in Belgaum, India.

Due to the remote location of the village, Muslims in the village received less attention from outsiders. So GPMS is taking this opportunity to help lessen their burden and to light up their lives. This programme will help bind bilateral ties between two different nations. It is also to prove that there are still hopes and people who care for them.

The programme is organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) under the Anugerah Remaja Perdana (ARP). GPMS is calling for Malaysians to help the Muslim community in India in terms of cash. The team is targeting an amount of RM30,000 for the whole programme before they depart from Malaysia on 25 October. The duration of this humanitarian mission is expected to go on within a week until 2 October.

The items that will be used to aid the Muslims in India include package A: Daily needs (RM10), package B:  hygiene kit (RM25), package C: Ibadah kit (RM35), and package D: electricity source and water supply (RM30) or a combination of all four packages A, B, C and D (RM100).

Donations can be made to the account 161293005196 – MAYBANK (MOHAMMAD SYAFIQ SAMRY).

For any enquiries, readers are advised to contact the Programme Manager, Atiqah Hashim at 011-2600 5670 or Alya Nadiah at 011-2128 539. Everyone is free to visit their social media for more information @jelajahcintaindia (Instagram), @jelajah_india (twitter) and Jelajah Cinta India (facebook). “FOR BETTER UNITY, HELP THE COMMUNITY” ***

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