Ethics and social media

By Alya Nadiah

As social media expand and become much wider to the point where people all over the world are able to easily keep in touch with one another using new technology, there are obviously rules and ethics governing the social media that we all must follow.

It is a basic knowledge in life to know what’s good and bad, or what’s right and wrong. It is important to know that when we go online, we are engaging with a community. In whatever community, there is such thing as manners and in discussing any matter with people around us, be sure to treat them with respect and kindness and display good manners.


Nowadays, authenticity of news becomes an issue because news is being shared rapidly online worldwide without us knowing if the news is authentic or fake.

Anyone now has become both consumer and producer of information, and since anyone can produce information online, it is important to remember to only spread the truth. There are many cases nowadays where people spread fake news for some silly reasons. However, if you received an information and you have no idea whether the information is true or fake, the best step to take is to stop it from getting viral until the truth is confirmed.

The reader must decide whether the information is true by looking at the context, channel and the author of the information.


In a business setting, it is important to stay transparent as being transparent is being honest to your audiences. Since social media is literally about creating relationship with consumers, and creating a better understanding with them, being transparent means having your target audience close. Being honest with your consumers brings you no harm.


There is a thin line between anonymity and privacy. Everyone has the right to be in private but in some cases, privacy setting is taken a little too far when someone anonymous comments negatively on your blog or comment section. It allows some people to post freely on anything good or bad since they know no one will be able to detect who he or she is.

Nowadays there are many cases involving cyberbully and most of the cases are caused by anonymous account.


Every social media provides privacy settings for a reason. Some people choose to be selectively social and prefer to use social media only for the people they know and most comfortable with such as family and friends.

Some people use privacy setting to avoid strangers into their social media where they post many information about their life. They will feel uncomfortable for strangers to be able to see their personal information.

The Golden Rule.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Sounds familiar? This is the most important ethical tip to stand when it comes to social media.

Do you have anything in mind that people do in social media that you personally dislike? Something like posting your work without crediting you, indirectly talking about you, sending you promotional post, trying to sell you stuffs or anything that annoys you.

Chances are, if it affects you in a negative way, it affects other people the same way. So don’t do something you wouldn’t want people to do to you.

What I am trying to stress here is the wider the social media gets, the wilder the user of social media gets. But always remember that we do what our heart tells us to do. Do good to others, be kind and you will get kindness in return.***

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