Recital 11.0: Hundreds gather at Richiamo courtyard

By Sarah Afifah

GOMBAK, 5 May 2018- Hundreds of IIUM community members flocked in front of Richiamo’s courtyard on Saturday night (28 April) in conjunction with IIUM CiTRA Recital 11.0.

Recital 11.0 received overwhelming presence of spectators, estimated at 400 people. The melodious event was successfully geared with a record of 192 performers and 43 committee members in total.

The event’s Assistant Programme Manager, Izzul Lutfi bin Mohd Norhan, said, “The recital is primarily meant for CiTRA members. However, year after year, it gradually started to receive increasing number of spectators, hence we decided to move the venue from ICC Seminar Room to Richiamo’s courtyard.”

“Recital 11.0 is an event primarily aimed at giving exposure to the newest members of CiTRA and showcasing musical and art performances in front of the crowd,” he further added.

However, Recital 11.0 was a bit different in nature as it became the pioneer project where both junior and senior members of CiTRA clubs are engaged as performers instead of just junior members.

The event was also attended Dr. Mahadi J Murat (Director of CiTRA), Mohd Afnan bin Mohd Fauzi (CiTRA Officer), Sarah Amalina binti Azizul Rahman (CiTRA Officer) and Cikgu Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad (Official Trainer of CiTRA).

The club members which were involved as performers on that night were from IIUM Andeka Caklempong, Gamelan Gema Gangsa, Percussion, Angklung, Persuratan, Acoustic Band, Theatre, Nafas Tari, and Nasyeed clubs. ***


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