Between Virtual and Reality

By Nur Fatihah Zaini

Back in the days when our world was bombarded by new technology, society became conscious. Do we preserve our true identity through social media? Why are we so caught up with beauty and fame when the reality is far-fetched?

I remind myself time and time again the world I live in today is not the world I lived in ten years ago. People these days do not live up to who they are but merely to how they are supposed to be. From there, honesty and deception come into the picture. How many women have been fooled by men who promised them money and luxury? If we are intelligent human beings who are supposedly good in handling modern world, then why did we let ourselves become slaves? The heart of every person is fragile. Women are like soft cookies panting for affections. Always in need of good and comforting words to keep them going in this messed up world.

The sad truth is, people whom we think we know are the ones who hurt us the most. They may not be the right person for us in time of crisis nor will they back us up in the future. At the end of the day, these frightened people tend to hide underneath their outcast shadow, getting lost and puzzled, donning into the never ending tunnel. They disappeared through the midst of technology whereby it became a platform to start a new life.

How many of us  conceal ourselves in social media? Turkle mentioned, “One could be a different person on the internet.”

There might be those who have done it for fun but most cases have led to disaster. That explains why when the internet came into existence many of these people express their frustrations through vulgar words. And we, the pessimist ones, constantly judge them without knowing the real story. In fact, we think we can control everything, even the moon.

Unconsciously, we spend most of our leisure time going online to the extent nothing else matters. We are always in a state of eagerness to find something new and exciting. Little do we realise, our golden time could have been filled with reading books, doing chores or strolling around the park. We often belittle things that are meaningful.

The other day my lecturer said, “What is the use of smart phones when God has given us so much?” it got me thinking, he was right. Of course, technology helps us to connect, but it does not anticipate real and strong relationship in a way reality does. However, one way or another we need technology. God has blessed us with great reasons to explore the world, to make it a better place.

Only that, the internet stage has its own limits for we live in a society full of chaos and also sunshine. It is not about how we use it, but it is about why we use it. Sometimes, we have to take a moment in our life to reflect whatever we do is not always good. ***


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