Town Hall dialogue allows student leaders to raise concerns

By Aida Zemani

GOMBAK, 16 February 2018: Almost 100 student leaders of various clubs in IIUM gathered yesterday (15 February) for the very first dialogue session with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) called the Town Hall Series.

This newly created dialogue session of the SRC have garnered all the concerns that lingered in student leaders’ mind, focusing on the unity and integration as proposed by the new tenure of the SRC.

The President of SRC 17/18, Amir Ridwan Idris said, “People do not believe that we can actually unite. What I meant by unity is that we should be able to feel that we are together regardless of our differences.”

“To achieve unity and integration, students need to get to know each other which is what we are lacking. We must therefore make efforts to solve the problems and fight them,” he added.

Among the concerns raised and discussed during the dialogue session were the issue of most clubs in IIUM being dominated by locals, the issue of untapped groups or groups of society and clubs that did not receive recognition by either students or the university, the issue of visa among international students, and the transport problems.

Through the dialogue session, Amir Ridwan expressed the hope that student leaders would unite and help to become the eyes and ears for the students for any existing problems that arose in IIUM, to make this university to be a better place for all students.

The dialogue was preceded by the recitation of Surah Al-Hujurat from verse 10 to 13 by one student, content of which emphasised disciplining oneself, respecting one another, and having each others back as the most noble of a person in the sight of Allah, as the most righteous one.***





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