Muslim converts seek guidance to lead Islamic way of life

By Masturah Jamilah

GOMBAK, 27 November 2017: A forum entitled ‘The Journey Back to Illahi’ was focusing more on the ‘Mualaf’ or the Muslim converts to seek guidance for the next step that they should take to live in the Islamic way.

This programme conducted by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia Secretariat IIUM Gombak (PERKIM) took place at Main Auditorium IIUM from 8 p.m until 11 p.m on Saturday (25 November).

“Learning Islam is not only ‘Fardu Kifayah but it is ‘Fardu Ain’ for every Muslim because how can we know our Creator and His messenger if we are not trying to learn it, ” said Dakwah Officer of PERKIM National, Ustaz Muhammad Jais Mariappan Abdullah.

There were some motivations and experiences that had been shared by the panelists with  the audiences as the panelists and moderators are ‘Mualaf’ as well.

“I need to sacrifice everything in terms of money, family, work and everything that I had, just to believe in one God and I want to be close to Him, but at that time I do not feel that I lost something because I have Him as my Sustainer,” said ex-priest Southeast Asia, Bung RM. Ahmad Alfirdauz Siagian, M. Th.

Ustaz Muhammad Jais also shared some tips with the audiences on how to survive after being converted to Islam, and the preparations they should make to face the difficult situations.

“Do not ever give up on what you have chosen because this is ‘Hidayah’ from Allah and always believe that Allah is there for you and just ask for Him,” said Ustaz Muhammad Jais.

Most of the audiences were ‘Mualaf’ from different ethnic backgrounds like Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Orang Asli.

“Do not ever lose your hope in Him and always keep strong whenever you are faced with difficulties in your way to Him because He never neglects His own slave,” said the moderator as he closed the forum session. ***


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