Second annual Saodah Wok Bowling Cup brings students and lecturers together

By Ahmed Wafi

WANGSA MAJU, 29 November 2017: It was a day of fun and excitement for both students and lecturers of the Department of Communication as they competed in the second annual Saodah Wok Bowling Cup held last Friday (24 November).

Organised by the Secretariat of Communication Students Association (COSA), the competition saw the participation of 55 students and five lecturers from the Department in the annual tournament that took place at Wangsa Bowl bowling alley in Wangsa Walk Mall.

The annual tournament was named after a Communication lecturer, Prof. Saodah Wok who sponsored the tournament and further contributed to COSA and the Department of Communication in balancing out study and play.

There were altogether 12 teams consisting of five players in each team who challenged each other for the prize but only one team was declared victorious. The format of the game had each team playing two games of ten frames and the total aggregate score from both games were counted, and the team with the highest score was announced the winner.

Programme Manager, Muhammad Firdaus Roslan said, “It was fun and everybody enjoyed the moment playing together with the lecturers.”

“It’s great to see good relationship being forged between the students and lecturers,” the 24-year-old student added.

‘De Best’ team won the first place with a total score of more than 1000, taking home a hamper and gold medals. Team ‘Justice League’ came in a close second place***

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