Interfaith Dialogue ends in harmony

By Afina Ismail

GOMBAK, 29 September 2017 – The “Interfaith Dialogue: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism; Know Your Scripture” was successfully conducted last night (28 September) ending in harmony, without any words of provocation exchanged between the speakers and the audiences.

The dialogue attracted many audiences that filled the whole Main Auditorium. It was presented by three speakers of each religion; Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

They were Associate Professor Dr. Radwan Jamal, a lecturer of Department Quran and Sunnah in IIUM who represented the Muslims, Mr. Berney Tower, a Masters student of Theological Seminary from Southwestern who represented Christianity, and Dr. Bala Tharumaningam, Deputy President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam who represented Hinduism.

The dialogue centred on the origin, preservation and facts of the scriptures from those three religions.

One of the contents from the dialogue raised by Dr. Bala said that “harmony must be preserved in order for us to live in peace”. He trusted that if a person did something bad, it was not that the religion was at fault but the person himself or herself.

The dialogue ran smoothly as the moderator managed to insert humour in between the discussion, and during the Q&A session, he gave a few rules that needed to be obeyed to prevent any provocation.

The Q&A session was focused mainly on two scriptures, from Christianity and Hinduism, as the audiences were mostly Muslims, plus the time constraint that prevented them from asking questions.

The event was organised by Quranic Youth Club (QYC) in collaboration with Information and Technology Bureau of Islamic Revealed Knowledge Students’ Secretariat 16/17 (ISRAK). ***




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