Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi: “Reevaluate conflicts and find amicable solutions”

By Puteri Balkish

GOMBAK, 13 July 2017 – Muslims need to reevaluate the innumerable trials and conflicts they are facing across the globe and delve into finding amicable solutions to the issues, said the President of the Tunisian Al-Nahda Movement, Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi.

He said this at a special convocation ceremony held at the Main Hall, IIUM Kuala Lumpur campus, yesterday (12 July), following the conferment of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Islamic Civilisation) on him by the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Sheikh Rached was conferred the award by IIUM President, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim, who is also the socio-cultural advisor to the government of Malaysia.

In his speech Sheikh Ghannouchi said, “We must reclaim the past status, not by purely copying the West but by innovating our traditions.”

“Islam as a religion used to dominate the world but the deterioration now is due to the denial of the roles a Muslim should possess.”

Perceived as a ‘Muslim democrat’, Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi was presented with the honorary degree for his critical notions towards the evolution and growth of the Islamic civilisation in the 21st century.

He urged millennial Muslims to continue the legacies of past Muslim intellectuals such as Muhammad Abduh, Rashid Ridha and Jamaluddin Al-Afghani.

According to Sheikh Ghannouchi, the alliance between the Muslims and the non-Muslims had been affected mainly by the vitality of self-evaluation in the Muslim world.

He spoke in Arabic and the speech was outlined in English by Ahmad el-Muhammadi from IIUM.

Meanwhile, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim, in his speech, said that IIUM was honoured to be given the opportunity to confer the award on Sheikh Ghannouchi Rached who is recognised as an intellectual, a scholar and a dignified leader.

Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi is in Malaysia for a seven-day visit at the invitation of the government of Malaysia to strengthen ties among Muslim nations.

In his private meeting with Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, earlier this week, Sheikh Ghannouchi praised the Malaysian government for endorsing Islamic principles and values despite the nation’s racial, cultural and religious diversities.

He also urged Malaysia to invest in Tunisia to forge stronger ties between the two countries.***



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