iMasjid app provides useful information on mosque activities

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 17 March 2017: An application for smartphone name iMasjid has been developed at IIUM Gombak by a team of Professors from Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Development (KAED) and Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) in collaboration with the i-Masjid club.

Led by Dr. Alias Abdullah from KAED with a startup cost of RM30000, this application has been assisted by the i-Masjid club for further promotion, research and sponsorship under their management team of 40 members. iMasjid app was also funded by the Ministry of Higher Education since its creation in 2015.

With the theme of ‘Your Masjid Gateway’, it attempts to promote mosques around Malaysia, especially Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAS) mosque, to attract people to come daily and invite them to join the activities there.

The application was designed specially for ustaz, scholars and mosque committee to update their religious activities monthly. It also focuses on helping the Muslim society, mainly IIUM community, to stay connected with mosque daily.

“This is IIUM product so we must support it. Besides that, this application is very helpful to know about mosque programmes around Malaysia and we can keep updated with the current events,” Nur Amalina Abdul Razak, who is  a member of team management, explained about its advantage.

Among the interesting features provided by iMasjid are navigation of nearby mosques, programme notification by famous ustaz and accurate prayer time and kiblah direction by JAKIM. People can install it through Google Play and Play Store for Android user and App Store for Apple user with keyword ‘iMasjid Malaysia’.

As a new application in IIUM, Mohd Helmi Nordin, as president of i-Masjid club, gave the following advice: “Please install the iMasjid app, use and share it with your friends and family. We really appreciate your feedback for the enhancement.” He added that they plan to increase the quality of the system such as by adding more mosque locations and login method without the password.

iMasjid app received many positive reviews from the users because of its sophisticated features. “It was really good! I used this app as a reminder for prayer time and to get to know the lecture at SHAS mosque,” said Nurwahidah Jamil, a student doing Human Science course.

“This app is really helpful and it’s a great facility actually,” Kamil Aminuddin, as a user, gave his  feedback online in Play Store.

For more information and suggestion about the iMasjid app, you may visit or contact Mohd Helmi Nordin at 017-2510985. ***

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