The flavoured taste of Uncle Bob fried chicken

By Nurul Hanani Hasmin

Everybody seems to know that Uncle Bob Fried Chicken is known for its fresh and flavoured fried chicken marinated with its original traditional recipe.

It started its business in 2002 known to Malaysians for its spicy ‘ayam gunting’. The juicy tender chicken meat coated with crispy crust is boneless and fatless, making a great way to enjoy chicken without worrying about your weight.

Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken comes in the original flavour and also the spicy flavour for those who prefer something different. The chicken is cut into a bite size portion and is favourite of children and the adults.

During the convo celebration in IIUM, there was an event called STANEX’16, which was previously known as STABAZ, giving the opportunity for different vendors to open their stall including Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken.

“It is so delicious and it makes me want it more and more,” said Raja Umi Nurshahirah, one of the customers.

Besides being fatless and boneless, Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken gives a different experience for all chicken lovers out there.

“Since the chicken is already cut into bite size pieces, it is easier for me to eat it without getting my hands dirty,” said

Siti Sarah Sabri, one of the customers, said Uncle Bob gives a convenient way for customers to enjoy their food. Meanwhile, it helps their customers to enjoy their fried chicken without having difficulty of cutting it.

It is hard to see an Uncle Bob stall without customers lining up to buy their fried chicken. Besides opening up stalls, they also have their own food truck.

Recently, there is an issue that occurred between two Uncle Bob’s stalls at the IIUM convocation event, STANEX’16. What happened is that, there were two different vendors selling Uncle Bob’s fried chicken at the same place.

According to Mohd Supian, the owner of Uncle Bob’s food truck, “One of the Uncle Bob’s company’s policy is that it should not be more than one stall selling Uncle Bob’s fried chicken at the same place.”

The reason why this policy was made is to prevent any loss of profit that will affect Uncle Bob’s company.

Even though there are issues that might cause loss of profit to both vendors, there are still many customers lining up to buy Uncle Bob’s fried chicken from both vendors.

Nevertheless, the Uncle Bob’s fried chicken still managed to make their product well known all across Malaysia and it is always be the No. 1 ‘ayam gunting’ in Malaysia.***

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