IIUM has a beautiful environment

By Maryam Shikh Nasir

When adults reach a university going age they will have to leave behind their family members to further their studies. Most students choose to join the university that is nearest to their home but not all of them can get what they want.  Nowadays, to secure a good job and a good salary with nice working environment is possible but with offers and good choice of university.

To me, IIUM is one of the best universities in Malaysia. It is an international Islamic university which means it has a number of students from various countries whom we might not hear about them before. It has an Islamic environment with the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah mosque located the centre of the campus, built at the beginning of IIUM’s creation, with facilities like hostels, restaurants, cafe and shops surrounding the mosque, with peaceful environment.

My experience in the early morning after sunrise I could hear the sounds of the birds and the beautiful wind that moves the tree leaves. It is a very nice moment with clean fresh air that a person needs. This gives positive energy to start the day. When I go to my morning class I could see many students rushing to their classes energetically and attentively, in their smiles and this brings great motivational feelings.

Secondly, when I passed by the HS canteen I saw a female student fondling the cat and giving her food. I was looking and smiling because it really touched my heart. A good person needs to be good to all creations without thinking whether there is a reward or not. This situation is how a person should act towards nature because it is created for human beings. When we see cats, dogs or even monkeys we try to catch them or act badly towards them until they are scared of the human beings. But Allah (S.W.T) has created them for the benefit of human beings and for them to have interaction.

What I feel towards my university is not only for me here but also for my two sisters. Which means that a person cannot feel comfortable and relax in a different place or different university, if we compare everything we have here and most of them are not available in other universities.

Some foreigners said that we can get halal food in Malaysia and also we can get our country’s traditional food so why should we go to other places? Moreover, a friend of mine said with the sisters studying here and she used to tell me that IIUM is perfect for females, I asked why? She said this is because it is an Islamic university and we are proud of that. And now she is going to further her master’s degree here with her husband.

We have to be thankful that we are studying in an Islamic university that follows the Islamic principles and perspectives. Besides that, the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (IRKHS) is one of the best using the Quran and Sunnah studies, Usual Al-Deen and comparative religion, and every student should take some subjects from IRKHS or they cannot graduate. This has been made compulsory by the university to help students improve in their daily life and relate their work to the Islamic perspective and content.***

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