Six important things to remember before attending final exam

By Saidatul Rosmera

Only two weeks left before the International Islamic University (IIUM) students finish the class session and entering the revision period. Students must have already prepared in their academics. All notes and slides must already be compiled for revision. Besides that concern of the academic matter, students must never forget to prepare themselves neat and ready for the examination. There are six important things that must be observed and and well prepared before students attend the final examination.

Observe the University Dress Code
In preparing yourself to go for the exam, students must have already prepared their dress that is in line with the university dress code. Never ever wear a dress that would expose your aurah for both male and female students. For male students, make sure your hair are well-trimmed. Wear collared shirt that is neat and look polite. Use any neat trousers except jeans. For female students, do wear hijabb that would cover your aurah properly. Wear long blouse or Muslimah shirts that is not tight. Both male and females must never wear slippers.

Bring Matric Card

Bringing your matric card into the examination hall is as important as bringing your visa to enter foreign countries. Without your matric card, you would put your self in a very difficult situation to an extent that you cannot sit for the paper. For those who lost their matric cards or accidentally left them at your hometown during the revision week, you must go and do a report to the Security Office and tell them that you lost your matric card. Get the yellow paper that substitutes your matric card temporarily.

Bring Final Exam Slip
Bringing your final examination slip is the next prior thing to never forgot in attending the examination. Start printing the final exam slip now to avoid rushing when it is nearer to the examination date. Failure to bring the examination slip also may cause students trouble in sitting for the examination when invigilators come and check the attendance.

This is typical items that must be brought in exam. It is familiar to university students to use pen in exam. However, never to forget the pencils too. Pencil is important when students jot notes on articles given in exam. Sometimes if the notes are written using pen, it would cover the question’s article and might cover the wordings. So, bringing pencil is wise and important. For some students who are comfortable in answering questions using pencils, never forget to bring your eraser. Then, for those using wooden pencils, never leave your sharpener or bring more pencils to avoid your writings become smudge. For those using pens, bring more than one pens. Who knows if the pen you bring no longer has its ink. Other than that, bring rulers to ease you drawing neat lines and cancelling your wrong answer. The use of liquid paper should be avoided.

Calculator / Dictionaries / Periodic Table
For some subjects that need special tools, students must never forget to bring them. This includes calculator for Mathematical subjects. Besides that, never forget to confirm with your lecturers now whether you can bring your dictionaries or not for some language subjects. Other than that, for Science-based students, never forget to bring your formula tables like periodic tables.

Medical Letter for Special Students
For students who have medical letters from doctors, you must not forget to bring and attach them in your answer booklet. This, for example, is important for students who have dyslexia where your condition or disease affects your writing. It depends on your lecturer and situation, you are eligible to get extra time in answering your final paper. This is also applicable to those who are involved in temporary disabilities like accidents.

Those are all important things to be observed very well in preparing yourself before attending the final examination. Pray a lot and work smart. All the best!***

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