Huffaz: For Shauqi, “it’s better late than never”

By Yasmin Latif

Quran is the best gift that Allah gives us. It is a revelation and also a guidance for us to become better Muslims. Quran is protected by Allah and it is also magical, so no wonder there are people who are able to memorise it.

Those people who memorise the Quran are called Huffaz; they memorise all the 30 chapters in the Quran. How is it they are able to do it? Anybody can learn Quran, even the non-Muslims, if Allah lightens their heart they can memorise it. There is no reason for us to say that Quran is difficult to learn and to memorise because it depends on the will of Allah.

Muhammad Shauqi Shabuddin, a Human Science student majoring in History is one of the students of the tahfiz class. He started to memorise Quran when he got into tahfiz class. Some people said that it may be too late for him to get started because usually to be a huffaz he needs to start from a young age. However, he proved that he is also able to do it because for him there’s no late term in learning Quran.

When asked about what makes him to be a huffaz, he said it is about a responsibility towards his family. In his family there is no one who have a chance to become a huffaz, so when he came to know about tahfiz programme offered by CLASS (for Co-Curricular Activity Center for Tahfiz programme) he just grabbed it and gave it a try.

Before he got into tahfiz class he did not have any basic in memorisation of Quran like his other classmates and at the beginning it was hard for him, but because of his determination he challenged himself to be a Huffaz.

“I started to schedule my time between kulliyyah and memorisation. It may be difficult at the beginning but once I was able to memorise the ayat it made me so confident to continue memorising more ayat,” Muhammad Shauqi said.

To preserve his memorisation he usually used the verses that he memorised in prayer and every morning before fajr he would repeat his memorisation, then during the time between Maghrib and Isyak  he would memorise a new verse.

He is currently in semester four and has two more semesters left to complete the six semesters of Tahfiz.

Ustaz Muhammad Hafiz Kamis, the instructor for tahfiz class, said, “To become a huffaz one needs to install the highest level of passion, and discipline is the most important tool. Memorising Quran gives us a lot of benefits as the Quran contains a variety of knowledge and there is a healer in the Quran.” ***

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