New iOS9: Five reasons to be excited

By Shawal Ras

Unveiled last week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, the new Apple update, dubbed as the iOS9, will bring a smarter Siri, better tablet multitasking, and yes, new built-in applications.

Android users, this article is not for you.

Siri 2.0

Apple’s special assistant, Siri, is expected to be turbo-charged in iOS9. With the new ‘Proactive Assistant’ feature, Siri will proactively serve up information and perform functions without being told by the user. For example, this feature will tell you who to contact based on your previous usage patterns.

In other word, this is another step towards artificial intelligence (AI).

The introduction of Apple Pay

Not sure if this feature will be available in Malaysia soon enough, but it’s worth to know that you don’t need cash to buy your favourite Caramel Frap from Starbucks anymore. With your credit cards information being stored in the device, your iPhone will actually be your cashless wallet.

Security wise, we’re not aware of any information on that yet, but once we have any, we’ll let you know!

New and more upgraded apps!

With the new update, you can be sure of a massive upgrade on all applications. Exciting new addition to be included in our home screen in the ‘News’ app where it will  give you personalised news content from a wide range of sources and present them in a great interactive interface. This will change the way we consume news.

Plus! Apple’s ‘Maps’ app will have information on the local public transportation, thus making it easier for you to seek all available directions to any gallery, pasar malam, and shopping mall.

New multitasting features for iPad

To those with iPads, the new iOS9 features a great new app switcher interface and ‘slide over’ and ‘split view’ function to allow users to slide new apps onto the screen and display and work on multiple apps at the same time!

Awesome, right?

Low Power Mode

The most interesting new feature from Apple is the ‘Low Power Mode’ function. It will extend the battery life of your devices up to three hours when enabled. It will limit some functionality, of course, but not as extreme as the one offered by Samsung or HTC. With this, one should never worry of not having enough battery life.

Author’s note: The rumour is, iOS9 is expected to be rolled out together with the new iPhone 6S. Prediction: September 2015.***

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