“Tokoh-tokoh ulama’ Pahang”: Synopsis

By Prof. Dr. Saodah Wok

Title:              Tokoh-tokoh Ulama’ Pahang

Editors:          Zaleha Kamaruddin and Abdul Halim Taib

Publisher:      IIUM Press

Pages:             126

Year:              2014                      

This coffee-table book highlights the growth, development and the spread of Islam in the state of Pahang since the ninth century. The opening of the book recalls the historical background of Pahang and the incoming of Islam.

The sovereignty of the Sultan as the head of state in-charged of Islamic issues besides other religious institutions under the umbrella of the state jurisprudence is discussed. The biographical sketches of mufti, chief qadhi, ulama’ and religious leaders, who contributed towards the growth and development of Islam in Pahang, were presented for the public to appreciate their contributions and their extraordinary existence in the light of of the spread of Islam.

The book contains valuable pictures and photographs of the said people. Malaysians, particularly those from Pahang, should read the book and treasure the contributions made by the historical figures.

Photo taken by Nana Uzir

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