Sweet giveaway: Stephen King’s award-winning hit, “Doctor Sleep”

By Shawal Ras

Listen, folks!

It’s rare to see us giving free load every now and then, but today, IIUMToday is giving away a pretty heavy hardcover version of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep worth US$30 (MYR 108.00)!

To those who are not aware of Stephen King, he is the king of the supernatural fiction and his works (believe me, he has written many novels – see here) have been translated into many languages, converted into major Hollywood motion pictures and have sold 350 million copies worldwide.

Pretty impressive, eh?

Anyway, Doctor Sleep is a sequel to King’s 1977 hit, The Shining, and this time, it focuses on Danny Torrance who is still traumatised by the psychological events that happened in the first book. King took 36 years to develop this novel, so you’re guaranteed a delightful escapism into this plot-driven literature.

For your information, this one has already won Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in late 2013.

To get a copy of this awesome novel, just give us a reason WHY we should give you a copy of this amazing book in less than 150 words. You can send your entry, alongside your full name, matriculation number, and phone number to our email: iiumtoday@gmail.com

Take note, the due date will be on 20 February 2015.

Good luck! May the odds ever be in your favour! ***

Photo taken from Florence in Print

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