FitMalaysia application to help you jog

By Nurman Lazim

FitMalaysia, a fit movement directed by Ministry of Youth and Sports, aims to facilitate the adoption of healthy lifestyles amongst Malaysians. It is also part of the Ministry’s aspiration to make Malaysia a true sporting nation – a springboard to cultivate sporting success on a global play field.

After having managed to change many lives, FitMalaysia is now elevating to another level. It has created an application which is able to reach those who wanted to connect in order for them to independently create their own fit programme, instead of waiting for FitMalaysia to do monthly city tour.

The Good: You can connect the application to your Facebook account and immediately have the access. After able to log in, the first thing you need to add is your  sports which you can select from wide range of activities.

During the adding process you will be asked on how frequent you do the sports and for how long. From  there, the application is able to evaluate your level of involvement in the selected sport.

Other than that, this application also allows us to create, invite and join game. Let’s say you have created a “jogging” game; you are able to set the time and venue for others to join your activity. And you are also able to join others’ “jogging” game as well. With this platform, users can meet more people with the same interest and achieve their goals.

The Bad: Obviously, without internet and a smartphone, you won’t be able to use this platform. Plus, it is only available for iPhone and selected versions of Android.

The Verdict: This application is awesome for those who want to spread their fit faction. Why jog alone when you can jog together? And you don’t have pay to use the service, it’s FREE!

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Available in App Store and Google Play worldwide

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