IRKHSS Committee Organises Flashmob

A flashmob, “Muslim Daily Life”, took place yesterday as part of the running RKFEST2014 organized by IRKHSS.

The flashmob was held near Azman Hashim Complex from 1 pm to 2 pm. Around 20 students from IIUM, mostly majoring in Islamic Revealed Knowledge, participated in the flashmob.

The participants held banners reminding students about how to live life better.

For example, a participant held a sign saying “Keep Healthy, Drink More Water; a reminder in tune with the haze that has descended upon campus the past few days.

A student from the Department of Psychology said that the flashmob was a good reminder for them in order to follow the good actions that Islam asks us to do. She added that such program should always be conducted.

The chairman of Islamic Revealed Knowledge Student’s Secretariat of International Islamic University Malaysia, Ahmad Fuad Mohd Zani from Department of Fiqh and Usul al- Fiqh, also attended the flashmob to show his concern and support.

While doing the flashmob, committee members distributed pamphlets to students that explained the purpose of the flashmob.

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