Celebrity Model Felixia Yap in IIUM

The exciting forum organized as part of the RK Festival titled ‘Fashion in Islam’ featuring Felixia Yeap and Amin Idris from TV AlHijrah as speakers attracted a large crowd last night.

The event that took place at the Experimental Hall at 8 P.M. was full with the audience who wanted to witness and to know in depth about Felixia Yeap.

Felixia Yeap, a model by occupation, has recently rose to fame when she chose to don the hijab despite being a non-Muslim.

According to Economics Major, Ainil Fatiha Mafangi, Felixia Yeap showed a very good example because she wants to cover the aurah and wear the hijab despite being a non-Muslim.

Another attendee, Human Sciences student Nafsiatul Akmal, shared on social media that Muslim women should respect Felixia due to her understanding of the hijab.

Amongst the things that the model cum celebrity said was that wearing the hijab means not just covering one’s hair, but also one’s chest.

The talk was considered a success with the huge turnout, and the positive buzz found on social media.

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