Launch of Muslim Heroes: Battlefield

The flash mob and other marketing efforts done by The Muslim Heroes last week paid off during the launch of the Battlefield series last Friday.

Held at the Moot Court of AIKOL, the session attracted hundreds of attendees, from IIUM students to members of the public, including Malaysian celebrity Wardina Safiyyah.

Prominent speaker South-African born Canadian Younus Kathrada gave the first lecture on the battle of Badr.

During the two-hour long program intermitted with a karate performance by the IIUM Karate Do Club, Younus touched on the story of Badr, and the lessons Muslims can derive from it.

Amongst the lessons are those of leadership, in which Younus shared that the Prophet (s.a.w.) was always at the forefront of the battle.

page3image2008Younus also highlighted that the problem of leadership in the world today not lies only in the lack of real leaders, but also in the absence of loyal followers like the companions of the Prophet.

Communications student, Nursuraya Binte Minhaj, said that despite the stifling heat of the venue, the knowledge she gained from the session more than made up for it.

The session of the Battle of Badr is the first of five in the Battlefield series organized by The Muslim Heroes. The remaining four sessions are on the battle of Uhud, Khandaq, Fathul Makkah and Tabook.

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