MyKICT Pocket: App for those who are trapped in a maze

By Shawal Ras

Heading to class is no easy task. Sometimes you got lost amidst all of the sandcastles in our beautiful university. Freshmen, let alone senior students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), are still going around in circles while looking for their classes.

Firdaus Shajahan and Addam Rashidi, the Information Technology (IT) students, who are constantly lost inside the massive fortress of the newly-built Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) building, decided to incorporate this problem into a brilliant idea for a virtual map.

The end product is the MyKICT Pocket. It’s a navigation app built for the likes of Android phones and specifically catered for those who are looking for the best path to their classes within the KICT building. Getting late to class should never be a problem anymore!

What inspired you to create this app?
Firdaus (F): Application of technology always inspires me. I read and watch stories on how technology can help solve our daily challenge. The idea for this app came about when I was a freshman because I got lost while searching for my class.

Addam (A): The one thing that inspired me to do this project was the need to solve a problem and this has and will always be the driving inspiration to seek out ways for improvement.

What does it take to create the MyKICT Pocket?
F: It took us two semesters to develop it, one semester to plan the architecture and documentation and we took another one semester to code, test and finally, publish it at Google Play Store.

A: Honestly, with Java, solid know-how of your Object Oriented Programming skills and yes, coffee… lots of them!

Will this app be in any other format?
F: We plan to create an iOS version (for Apple’s products) but we don’t have the facility to develop it.

So, what’s next for you two?
A: Shhh, it’s still a secret! We’ll be bringing you guys more inventions and we really hope this will inspire you to be great despite the challenges in life.

F: We’re working on something for IIUM lecturers, so, stay tuned. For more information, visit our page.

Firdaus Shajahan is a final year student and a part-time tech blogger, while Addam Rashidi is a self-proclaimed DC and Marvel comics geek. Both of them are currently doing their internship with IIUM Advanced Technology.

Download MyKICT Pocket for free!

Photo courtesy of Firdaus Shajahan

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