IMC Exhibition: Event supports new Kampung Kerdas business, D’Brothers Clean

By, Muhammad Nu’man Al-abqari bin Zulkifli and Ahmad Hakimi bin Fadillah

Gombak, 29 May 2024: There were nine booths that were set up in an exhibition promoting entrepreneurs from Gombak at the IIUM today, and one of them was by D’Clean Brothers, based in Kampung Kerdas, Gombak.

The Exhibition on Empowering Local Entrepreneurs in Gombak was organised by students of the course Integrated Marketing Communication and the Communication Students’ Association (COSA) and it was held in the Human Sciences Square of the Human Sciences Building at IIUM Gombak. The event started at 8.30a.m. and ended at 5.00p.m. It was crowded with visitors, especially amongst students.

On the D’Brothers Clean website (, it is mentioned, “D’Brothers Clean is a Bumiputera company with over 3 years of experience in providing carpet cleaning services for homes, prayer rooms, mosques, halls, and offices, marble and floor polishing, car seat cleaning and polishing, as well as sofa and mattress cleaning! We operate 6 days a week to provide professional services to you throughout the Klang Valley.”

We interviewed one of the IMC students who was in charge of the booth by D’Brothers Clean, Ku Amirah Najihah Halim, who said, the vision and mission for creating the event was to support local businesses. Their targeted audiences were the staff of the IIUM. This is because D’Brothers Clean is more for those who have a car.

Of course there will be challenges when doing business. The IMC students’ advice for the small businesses out there was, “just keep on going when doing something, although it is hard, it will give you something. If it is not successful, it can be a lesson and from there, you will keep improving yourself when doing it and you will find it easy and feel the enjoyment when doing what you want.”***

(This article was written as a class activity for COMM2312: Basics of Writing.)