Focus on Eastern media narrative in news training by Sputnik x IIUM Today

By Ashraf Azammudin

GOMBAK, 29 May 2024: A webinar titled “News Training by Experts” was conducted via Zoom, featuring key insights from an industry professional. The event was hosted by Sputnik International News Agency and attended by journalists from IIUM Today, IIUM students and staff. The speaker for the session was Head of Sputnik International and Sputnik India, Victoria Polikarpova. Introductory remarks were given by Editor-in-chief of IIUM Today and a lecturer of the Communication Department at IIUM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida Mokhtar.

Polikarpova began the masterclass by sharing her extensive background in journalism, providing an overview of news reporting fundamentals. The session was part of the SputnikPro education project, an initiative by Sputnik to exchange expertise and build professional relationships with journalists, students, press services, and media managers, globally.

SputnikPro focuses on audiences in the CIS and Baltic countries, with modules led by Sputnik media managers and other prominent Russian experts. This project underscores Sputnik’s mission to offer an alternative viewpoint distinct from the Western mainstream media narrative.

“Do not be afraid to add your own news angle when writing a news story. Sputnik provides an alternative viewpoint which is different from the Western mainstream, or ‘legacy’ media, narrative,”

Polikarpova advised during the session.

The webinar provided an invaluable opportunity for student journalists at IIUM to learn from industry experts, fostering critical engagement with the speaker and gaining deeper insights into the field of journalism.

The masterclass was held at a crucial time for journalism, where journalists face increasing challenges, and the global east is becoming more vocal in a multipolar world. Future developments in this area will continue to shape the landscape of international news reporting.***