PDK KAMII booth delights visitors with products by PwDs, aplenty

By Muhammad Zul Amin bin Zainal Abidin 

Gombak, 21 December 2023: A marketing communication agency named, “Echo Sage Marketing Sdn. Bhd.” was created for an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaign project by four Communication students. The agency participated in an exhibition on behalf of its client, PDK Kamii of Gombak Setia on 21 December 2023 at Human Sciences Square, IIUM Gombak from 8am to 5pm.

The agency was formed by the students of COMM3560: IMC: Hanif bin Ibrahim, Muhammad Hadi bin Marzuki, Muhammad Hafiz bin Zulkapli and Muhammad Izzuddin. The course instructor is, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida Mokhtar.

The exhibition was organized by the students of COMM3560: IMC, the Communication Students’ Association (COSA) and Support Association for Parents of Special Needs Children (SUPPORT) in collaboration with eight organisations that are related to persons with disabilities (PwDs).

This exhibition is meaningful because it involves Sage Marketing’s client, Pertubuhan Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK KAMII), a community-based rehabilitation centre for PwDs and non-governmental organisaiton (NGO).

The products for sale at the exhibition by the PDK were diverse as they included handicrafts, Maruku snacks and beautiful potted plants. These items, produced by the students of the PDK, symbolize the practice of inclusion, the efforts in giving them empowerment and uncovering the untapped potential of these talented makers. 

The products were sold at special prices from RM5 for handicrafts to RM15 for Maruku snacks, with beautiful plants priced at RM5 and RM10. The whole IIUM community (students, lecturers and admin staff) was the target market.

The exhibition was not only organised to admire the beautiful handmade goods but was equally important for something that went beyond profit and trade as it focused on the promotion of PwDs as entrepreneurs to inculcate a conscience within society.

The PDK was established on 8 January 2001 and registered at the Gombak District Social Welfare Department. PDK KAMII has a long history, starting from its initial base in Taman Harmonis from where it then moved to Balai Penghulu Gombak Setia. Thanks to the support of local authorities, PDK KAMII uses a vacant building provided by the Department of Veterinary Services. This special journey, rooted in the PDK’s commitment to help individuals with special needs, reflects its mission, ‘Your Duty to Help the Special One.’ 

Echo Sage Marketing has many driving forces. It aims to provide marketing communication services that are efficient, it also attempts to use influential figures, tries out high-impact content capable of awakening a wider segment and build loyalty and trust in brands.***

(This article was written as part of an assignment for COMM3502: Corporate Writing class)