Emergency alert system for sustainable cities and communities

By Najwa Nor Ashikin

According to Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), Malaysia recorded approximately 25,482 crime cases in 2023, which has an impact on the safety of the country’s residents, as the community will live in fear because of the threates to safety of surrounding areas. Each person is responsible for making improvements to sustainable cities and communities.

Application of an emergency alert system in Malaysia can be one of the most effective ways to achieve these goals. According to FEMA (2023), an emergency alert system is a national public warning system that addresses people during an emergency situation via radio, television broadcasters, and wireless cable systems. Countries such as the United States and South Korea have already implemented this system for informing citizens about important information such as natural disasters and public health.

The emergency system operates by quickly and effectively transmitting critical information during emergencies. It sends text messages about natural disasters, weather events, and public safety threats to all devices based on the language the phone owner has selected. The emergency alert system also contains information about what people should do to protect themselves during those situations. To illustrate, South Korea’s emergency alert system is used in public transportation and public places whereby while the operators are announcing the emergency messages, their public transport will vibrate.

An emergency alert system will benefit our country if it is able to be applied, as it has wide coverage. This system is designed to reach a wider range of citizens in related areas by utilizing various communication and wireless devices. It is also simple to use because people only need an internet connection to activate the system on their devices which will cause the likelihood of successful alert dissemination to increase. Second, it is designed as a real-time messaging system to make sure that everyone has the latest, timely, and correct  information during that time period. 

Next, this system’s features like audio descriptions and closed captioning will make it easier for those with disabilities or sensory impairments to reach and use. If people with disabilities aren’t able to receive emergency alerts, they might be in danger, but by utilizing technological advancements, they can stay safe no matter what happens. According to the World Health Organisation (2023), in the absence of assistive technology, individuals often experience exclusion, isolation, and a heightened impact from illness and disability on themselves, their families, and the community.

To summarise, this system is an effective communication tool that can protect the citizens during emergencies because it benefits the overall public value and effectiveness in protecting public safety, resulting in safer and more sustainable cities and communities. The application of this system in the country is applicable as technology advances because it leads to advancements and adaptability to new technologies. 

Utilizing knowledge gained in every aspect such as science and technology is encouraged in Islam because knowledge plays an important role in a human’s daily life in order to provide some ease in their daily activities. Thus, knowledge and technological development should be applied by implementing this security system to create a better and safer environment. Furthermore, Islam emphasizes the importance of ensuring everyone’s safety.

By which Allāh guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darknesses into the light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path. (Al Maidah verse 16) ***

(This article is written as part of an individual assignment for Sustainable Development: Issues, Principles and Practices, SCSH 1201 class)


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(This article was written as part of an individual assignment for Sustainable Development : Issues, Principles and Practices, SCSH 1201 class)