Nurul farah

39th IIUM Convocation: Best Student Nurul Farah, attends classes online regardless of time difference

By Syafa Afkarina

GOMBAK, 9 December 2023: Nurul Farah Huda Bt Ramli said “The most challenging (when doing online classes during Umrah) was the time difference; Malaysian time is five hours earlier than Saudi Arabia.” She was the Awardee of Best Student in the last session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday afternoon (29 November 2023) at IIUM Gombak.

Nurul Farah earned the Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance (Batch Bank Rakyat) at the convocation. At the time of the interview with IIUM Today, she also held the position of Executive at Bank Rakyat.

She admitted that despite having a joyful and fun study journey, she experienced several obstacles as well such as focusing on both her study and Umrah at the same time. But she was determined to complete her study. “Learn to not disappoint themselves by giving up and not achieving their dreams, there should not be any regret. Later, we could be thinking that we should have tried harder,” said Nurul.

She insisted that the achievement she has got is not merely her efforts alone, it is also due to the prayers and support from her mother and husband. “My husband gives me moral support. He expresses concern and care about how I feel and always cheers me up when I am down,” she said.

Throughout the course of her academic pursuits, spanning a comprehensive study journey replete with challenges and triumphs, she unearthed a profoundly valuable life lesson that resonated deeply within her being—the lesson urging one to conscientiously contemplate and reflect upon the intricacies of any endeavour before succumbing to the temptation of surrender.

During an insightful interview conducted by IIUM Today, she passionately expressed her earnest desire for forthcoming graduates, fervently advocating that they steadfastly eschew the notion of capitulation in the face of academic challenges, ardently encouraging them to persevere relentlessly in their pursuit of educational accomplishments. 

Furthermore, she implored these aspiring scholars to tenaciously harness the entirety of their capabilities, urging them never to waver in their determination to not only achieve personal success but also to continuously strive to evoke a sense of pride and fulfilment in the hearts of their cherished loved ones.***