IIUMSU Election 2023: Adib to work collectively for rapid action

By Shaireza Jaafar

GOMBAK, 24 May 2023: A candidate for Deputy President 2 of the IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) 2023 election now scheduled for 1 June 2023, Muhammad Adib Syahmi bin M. Bahari unveiled his manifesto which aims to put a halt to bureaucracy by working closely with the administration to improve efficiency so as to ease students’ accessibility.

Constructed upon “rapid action” and “collectivism”, Adib’s principles showcase his urgency in making things easier for students while adopting the notion of a “unified union” where he would like to see more students engage with the union.

In an interview with IIUMToday, the candidate who is a second year student from Kulliyyah of Medicine (KOM) expressed his vision to work closely with other unions in Kuantan be it in the Kulliyyah and Mahallah because he believes, “lively cooperation between all these unions and academies is important to reach a common ground.”

To execute a constructive and progressive plan, he said, “the union should collaborate closely with the administration for the benefit of students, ensuring a balance of power”.

In his effort to revive the campus in Kuantan, “I am trying to propose “Kudos Kuantan” similar to “Greater Gombak” in the Gombak Campus, so that it enhances the administration’s strong relationship with all of our students,” he expressed.

Other than that, he said, “I would like to revive parliamentary roles because I believe through debates and discussions, we can certainly find a way to execute good policies.”

On unfolding the reason behind his motivation, he said, “I have always been involved in leadership roles ever since high school and during my foundation years in the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) in which I was part of the Students’ Coordination Committee (SCC).”

Apart from that, Adib further clarified, “During my first year in Kuantan, I was appointed as Deputy Speaker of IIUMSU Parliament and also played a part in the Office of Welfare of IIUMSU as Executive Officer.”

On defining what makes a good leader, Adib said, “being a good leader does not mean that you have to do everything, being a good leader means that you are able to understand your roles and responsibilities.”

In his concluding remarks, Adib wished all candidates in Gombak a good campaign and hoped the elected Deputy President 1 of IIUMSU is able to execute his responsibilities in an excellent manner.***

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