IIUMSU Election 2023: Muhammad Faqih aims to enhance student unity

By Syafiqah Yusoof

GOMBAK, 24 May 2023: In a recent interview with IIUMToday, Muhammad Faqih Bin Mohamat Samin, a candidate vying for the position of Deputy President 3 in the International Islamic University Student Union (IIUMSU) 2023 election, shed light on his involvement in student associations and his vision for improving the IIUMSU image.

Muhammad Faqih’s manifesto encompasses three crucial objectives:

  1. Promote the spirit of volunteerism among the students
  2. Importance of empowering grassroots leadership
  3. Enhance unity among associations in IIUM Pagoh

The candidate has been actively involved in many associations, both inside and outside IIUMSU. During the 2021/2022 academic year, he was Vice President 3 of the Selangor Student Association and served as Treasurer 2 of Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC), Mahallah Zaid bin Harithah.

He oversaw the 2022 IIUMSU Election as Vice Chairman of the Election and Welfare Committee (EWC). He addressed student issues, notably those with disabilities and international students, as the Officer for IIUMSU Pagoh’s Office of Welfare.

He wants a proactive, progressive student union to improve IIUMSU’s reputation. “This is the bitter truth that we have to understand to make total changes in IIUMSU,” he said of the stereotype related to IIUMSU.

He aims to cultivate a culture of effective leadership by establishing a collaborative unit of idea-sharing and student welfare by uniting IIUM Pagoh’s clubs and organizations’ presidents.

“IIUMSU will be recorded in history as the first body empowering students when the Ministry of Higher Education shows its desire to make IIUMSU a model of Student Union throughout Malaysia,” Faqih shared.

He wants to provide an environment where students may express their thoughts and concerns.

He seeks to foster an atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing their perspectives. Strategic planning can be undertaken to solve concerns including transportation, neighborhood issues, and career development with the help of clubs and associations.

Faqih has outlined two main programmes, the Students Enhancement Training Program (SETP) Workshop and the Mubarak Journey, to address procedural problems, provide leadership training, and to offer engaging activities for the benefit of students.

Recognizing the challenge of IIUMSU’s limited visibility and accessibility, the candidate aims to bridge the gap between the union and students by identifying problems, listening to grievances, and providing solutions.

His parting remarks were, “As the election unfolds, the future of IIUMSU Pagoh rests in the hands of the students.” They must consider the candidate’s passion, track record, and plans for the union’s improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to elect a candidate who will work toward the betterment of IIUMSU and its students.***

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