Communication Team Building Programme returns to its physical presence

By Muammar Hadi

GOMBAK, 21 March 2023: The Communication Association Team Building programme was held for the first time physically since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, on March 18 at the Male Sports Complex, IIUM and was attended by 77 students.

The team building programme was opened to all current Communication students and members of the alumni which was aimed at building connections and strengthening the bonds among the students of the Department of Communication, AHAS KIRKHS, IIUM.

“I feel very happy because we didn’t have the opportunity to have this programme before because of COVID-19 and now our relationship has become a lot closer,” said fourth-year Communication student, Siti Nur Aufa Binti Zar’e.

Another final year student, Ahmad Sissoho Alpha Sissoho, mentioned that the last time he participated in the Communication team building programme was back in 2018 and throughout the pandemic, the team building was done online.

“When I found out about the physical team building program I was very happy because I could finally do physical activities and get to know the students from our department,” he added.

“I feel happy because I was never an active student but now I want to join many programs so as to expand my connections and make it easier to get a job in the future,” said first year student, Muhammad Dinie Durani.

The programme manager of the team building programme, Muhammad Irfan Safwan mentioned that he had fun managing the programme especially since he got to know the students from the Communication Department and Communication associations.

“This team building will strengthen our bonds with each other and allow further programmes to be done more smoothly since collaborations among the associations will be easier,” he explained.

He shared that some challenges he faced included preparing proposals and game equipments but he was happy because to him the program was a success and the committee members did very well when managing the programme.

The Communication Team Building 2023 was organized by the Communications Student Association (COSA) in collaboration with IIUMToday, IIUMFm, IIUMTv and the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA) IIUM Chapter. ***

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