Ahmad Ibrahim Advocacy Competition 2022 discovers quality mooters

By Marissa Nazeera

GOMBAK, 13 December 2022: In search of quality mooters, the IIUM Moots and Client Consultation Club organised a two-day Ahmad Ibrahim Advocacy Competition (AIAC) on 10 December until 11 December 2022.

Sponsored by law firms Shook Lin and Bok and Shazril Khairy Mustafa and Associates, a client consultation competition was held where novice participants have to deal with a ‘client’ and give legal advice based on the issues posed before them.

The mooting competition essentially involved a mock trial with two sides representing appellant and respondent that will be judged.

“We hope Ahmad Ibrahim Advocacy Competition 2022 will be a platform for AIKOL students to venture into mooting and other legal competitions in the future,” said Nur Syahmina, the President of IIUM Moots and Client Consultation Club 21/22.

According to Nur Syahmina, the competition has become a platform for the second and third year Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL) students to carry out client consultation and mooting. Among the mock firms were, Messrs. Zikry and Associates, Messrs. Norman and Co., Messrs. Izzat and Partners, Messrs. Harith and Partners, Messrs. Akmal and Associates and Messrs. Ainin and Associates.

Nur Syahmina explained the competition had directly and indirectly involved the students in the real situation of the legal fraternity. This will prepare AIKOL students to be skilled orators who are confident in presenting their legal arguments, Nur Syahmina added.

The AIAC has also become a platform for the alumni to return and contribute to the new generations at AIKOL. This was visible when the judges for both client consultation and mooting came from AIKOL graduates such as Mr. Asyraf Mustafha, Mr. Hirzan Afifi, Ms. Ermilia Zainal, Mr. Haris Hilman, Mr. Eizlan Farhan, Mr. Adly Zulkefly, Mr. Ahmad Iqbal, Mr. Amirrul Eiman, Ms. Sharifah Shazuwin and a few others.

The final session of the mooting competition was graced by the presence of YAA Dato’ Mary Lim Thiam Suan, a distinguished Federal Court Judge, Mr. Darshendev Singh from Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill, Mr. Izzat Asyraf Zamri from K.K. Lim, Mr. Chan Kok Keong from Shook Lin and Bok, and Ms. Ainur Hassim from Messrs. Ainur, Afiqah and Long.

The awards winners for the Client Consultation were:
Champion: Messrs. Harith & Partners
First runner-up: Messrs. Izzat & Partners
Best Counsel: Aiman Halimi from Messrs. Izzat & Partners

While for the mooting, the winners were:
Champion: Messrs. Harith & Partners
First Runner Up: Messrs. Akmal & Associates
Best Skeletal Award: Messrs. Izzat & Partners
Best Oralist: Meor Danish Irfan from Messrs. Harith & Partners.***

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