Overcome your challenges, never give up – Nur Fatihah

By Farah Husna

GOMBAK, 28 December 2022: Despite being tested in her final semester, Nur Fatihah was still able to deliver her best in final examinations and her final year project.

Nur Fatihah told IIUMToday that she endured the challenge knowing that her mother had a stroke during the crucial time of her study.

According to Nur Fatihah, it was not easy to reach this far, but she made it with her mother’s dua and blessing.

Nur Fatihah Binti Husain, 23, from the Kulliyyah of Engineering (KOE), was the Best Student Overall Award recipient in the eighth session of the 38th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday (7 December 2022).

“It was a roller coaster ride, especially during my final semester. It was hard for me during my last semester. My mother was diagnosed with a stroke just after I took my first final paper. I was so sad and was feeling demotivated,” Nur Fatihah described her feelings.

Even though there were many challenges, overall, with support from her family and friends, she overcame all the challenges, although she almost gave up multiple times when things did not go her way.

“Allah SWT surely knows what’s best for me, and He tested me with challenges to grant me this achievement after all the sweat and tears,” Nur Fatihah said.

Nur Fatihah added that her mother is her inspiration, “When I think I cannot take it or do it, I always tell my mother to pray for me to make everything easy”.

“My family is also my source of inspiration. They never forget to pray for me and congratulate me on my achievement.

“Losing my father after Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) broke my heart, and after his passing, my eldest brother, Faez, has since become my father figure and has always supported me,” she added.

According to Nur Fatihah, being in good surroundings and with good people surely impacts her growth. Having good lecturers and friends is the greatest blessing she appreciates and is irreplaceable.

“No matter your struggles, always remember that Allah SWT knows what is best for us. We are diamonds in the making. We have gone through all sorts of hurdles to be diamonds.

“You can rest but never give up, come back stronger for yourself, your family, and everyone who loves you,” she concluded.***

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