Professional life, pursuing knowledge not a Hassle for Suhaimi

By Auni Zarifah

GOMBAK, 6 December 2022: At the age of 50, Suhaimi believed that education is a lifelong journey, which should not be constrained by age.

Suhaimi bin Sabran, one of the graduates of the master’s of Education Management and Leadership at the second session of the 38th IIUM Convocation, caught the attention of the hall when he walked with a stick, a symbol of never giving up.

In an exclusive interview with IIUMToday, Suhaimi who has 29 years of experience in teaching shared his life as a postgraduate student. He recalled how he was blessed with a good lecturer who helped him throughout his journey and ensured he can do well throughout his studies. 

“I had to manage my time well since I am still working. The lectures were helpful when I need to discuss my schedule with them so I can have my own time with my family. It was tiring but satisfying at the same time,” added Suhaimi who is currently holding a position in School Improvement Partners, Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD), Sabak Bernam, Selangor. 

On a side note, as a teacher, he was lucky enough to enrol on the programme during the school holiday as time was more flexible.

When Suhaimi started his study in 2018, he believed that the journey towards knowledge was limitless and for him, if there is a will there is a way. 

“In November 2019, I was tested with stroke, so it became a challenge for me to move around. But when the pandemic started in 2020, the shift to online classes was a blessing in disguise,” Suhaimi explained.

The shift towards online classes was a new challenge for him because he had to cope with the new ways of learning especially in the technical aspects. Despite these issues, he was grateful that online learning compensated for his limited movement due to his physical disability. 

Juggling between professional life and pursuing education indeed requires a lot of sacrifices. But the hardship makes the bittersweet journey memorable as he adorned his robe during the convocation day.

In conjunction with his convocation, Suhaimi expressed his utmost gratitude towards his family and lecturers who supported him until the end.*** 

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