New students told to set goals and work towards them

By Sarah Yusoff

GOMBAK, 6 October 2022: “Upon graduating and stepping out of university life, you should always try your best to be the awesome version of yourself instead of settling down as an average person. Use the time that you have now and put in the necessary effort and hard work to push yourself to be an extraordinary you,” said Head of Communication Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr Zeti Azreen Ahmad,

Speaking to the new communication 2022/2023 intake students during the Communication Academic Briefing (CAB), Assoc. Prof. Dr Zeti informed that the purpose of CAB is to provide comprehensive information about the programme that are offered under the Communication department.

“As the new students, you will be the pioneer for a brand-new programme which is well designed for the past two years,” she added.

She went on explaining about the four Programme Educational Objectives (POE) and 10 Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO) that were designed for all courses.

According to the Head Department, this will help inculcate good moral values and ethics in each student once they complete their programme.

“Now that all of you’ve become a university student, you should think and act like one. In other words, be more responsible and accountable to yourself. You were sent here by your parents to study, therefore, study well,” she stated.

At the same event, Assistant Prof. Dr. Nerawi Sedu talked about ethical conduct among students and explained some basic rules and regulations that each student should observe.

“Whenever a group work is given and a member of the group decides not to do their part for the assignment, that is considered as cheating and serious action will be taken against those people,” Dr. Nerawi said.

He also stressed on the seriousness of plagiarism and the consequences that will be faced by those who commit such misconduct.

After two years of the online sessions, CAB 2022 was organised physically yesterday at HSC Seminar Room 2 at AHAS KIRKHS building.

It was attended by a pool of 45 new intake students, department lecturers and club advisors, including COSA advisor Dr. Nur Shakira Mohd Nasir, IIUMFM advisor Dr. Helmi Mohd Yusoh, and IIUMToday Chief Editor, Dr Wan Norshira Wan Mohd Gazali.***

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