‘Teguh Bersama, Keluarga CITRA’ theme enlivened the Merdeka celebration

By Rafiqi Yusoff

GOMBAK, 1 September 2022: In line with the theme for the 65th National Day celebration, the IIUM Centre for Arts & Cultural Sustainable Development (CiTRA IIUM) put on a Merdeka celebration with the theme ‘Teguh Bersama, keluarga CITRA’ on Tuesday (30 August).

Students and staff of IIUM converged in the Richiamo Cafe compound and took the opportunity to show their appreciation and understanding of the theme by displaying the spirit of patriotism and unity in enlivening the Merdeka celebration.

The Head of CITRA IIUM, Madam Roslimna Mohammed Saad, expressed her relief that the preparation for this event only took less than a week due to the vigorous spirit of patriotism among CiTRA members including staff and students.

She also reckoned that the notion of holding an outdoor event for a historic celebration like this was to portray the concept of family in which everyone can take part in this event.

Madam Roslimna highlighted in her Merdeka message that it is important to “cherish everything that we have including the time spent with loved ones. For me, that is the actual meaning of Merdeka.”

The celebration however started with a performance by the CiTRA staff band and this was followed by syair and sajak (traditional Malay poetry) recitations by students and CELPAD lecturers.

The event was also honoured with Merdeka Talk by speakers from the Counselling & Career Services Centre (CCSC), Dr. Nordinah Kassim, Senior Counsellor, Madam Khairiah Abd Razak, Senior Clinical Psychologist, and Covering Director of CCSC, Br. Saiful Redza Mohammed.

It was then enlivened with the ‘Lagu Joget’ performance and the independence theme song ‘Tanggal 31’ by Mohd Norhafifi and Akmal Hakim from the Counselling & Career Service Centre, which concluded the event.

The celebrative atmosphere was also enlivened with other activities including batik painting as well as handprint canvas art which were provided for the crowd who gathered at the location.

This event was a collaborative work between CiTRA IIUM, Counselling & Career Service Centre (CCSC IIUM), IIUM Art Club, and Jauhar Urban Farming and was attended by more than 80 people.***

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