Capture what’s newsworthy, student journalists urged

By Hessa Kawthar

GOMBAK, 24 June 2022: Journalism is not simply about writing, it is more about skills and ability to put the facts together in a way that is newsworthy that could capture readers’ attention to read on.

This view was shared by Mr. Aznan Mat Piah during the farewell ceremony for editors of IIUMToday held at the newsroom last Thursday (16 June). 

Aznan, the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of IIUMToday, believed that journalists should be able to find the correct angle to create consciousness and awareness with regard to real life issues. Thereby, he urged student journalists to acquire the skills, develop the discipline, and write stories that interest the readers.

Apart from that, he said journalists should be prompt in covering any story so that the news that they write would not be stale or outdated by the time it gets published. 

In his remarks, Aznan shared his experience working abroad where he had to work in different time zones which required him to stay awake until early in the morning and could still remain active.

The rigorous training he had gone through has indeed reflected his thriving passion, which he reckons is a quality that all journalists must possess. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Amran Baharum, the Editor for IIUMenulis (Malay Feature Desk) stressed the importance of highlighting the Malay language by writing feature articles for IIUMToday although the online newspaper is mainly written in English. 

“A good journalist must be able to write in their native tongue as well because it will be the main medium to communicate in the workplace later,” Amran said. 

The farewell remarks were preceded by the appreciation of IIUMToday’s news coverage that attained the highest reach in May and recipients were awarded for their performance. 

Among the award winners were Muammar Hadi and Nik Nayly (Most Promising Awards), Rafiqi Yusoff and Aneesah Ishak (Best News Reporters), Auni Zarifah (Best Feature Writer in Malay), Haidah Halid and Qamarina Razali (Best Feature Writers in English), Hakim Mahari (Best News Coordinator), and Hidayah Nizam (Best Programme Manager).

Aznan asserted the importance of such appreciation for journalists’ performance to recognise their efforts and to enhance their motivations while cultivating a healthy working environment in the news portal. 

“Young journalists are the future, this is not my future anymore,” Aznan said, indicating that it is his duty to contribute his knowledge and skills for the new generation of journalists to perform well. 

The farewell ceremony was held at the IIUMToday’s newsroom to show appreciations to the editors following their retirement from the teaching post at the university, and their respective portfolio held at IIUMToday, for their contribution towards the success of the news portal.

Present at the event were Head of Department of Communication, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeti Azreen Ahmad, the acting Editor-in-Chief who is also the coordinator of IIUMToday, Dr. Wan Norshira Wan Mohd. Ghazali, and the newly appointed sub-editors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida Mokhtar and Dr. Nerawi Sedu. ***

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