Candidate for Vice President II wants to fight for students’ cause

By Maryam Nasir

GOMBAK, 26 May 2022: Advancing good governance for the IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) has been the top agenda in Idris bin Hud since winning the seat of Vice President II uncontested.

This second year Biotechnology student from Kulliyyah of Science, Kuantan campus, aspires to make the student union more relevant in its operation to bring benefits to the students.

Idris said the student union in its autonomous nature will be in a better position to make decision and to exercise financial independence where it would not be tied down to any other organisations.

One of the key principles of good governance is inclusiveness, which is in line with his manifesto in wanting to execute good governance for the union, he told IIUMToday.

“I’ll not forget to integrate the insights from student leaders in decision making regarding issues related to IIUM’s management to uphold the spirit of student unionism,” Idris shared.

Idris expressed his wishes to foster trust among the IIUM community through five principles of good governance: inclusivity, transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and efficiency.

“I want to fight for safety of students and better facilities on campus. There have been several issues in the past like sexual harrassment cases related to transportation, hence I’ll strive for alternatives that will help overcome the issues,” he added.

He expressed his vision of a progressive student union in utilising its potential and opportunities to implement good governance to produce an excellent work culture that advocates on union’s potential progress. He wanted to lay a strong foundation for the future success of IIUM SU to the next tenure.

It is vital for the students to have a conducive learning environment with proper facilities available in campus. Thus, he said, it will be of utmost priority throughout his term to see that these issues are resolved.

Asked regarding a good leader, Idris said that he or she must have a clear vision on what he or she wants to achieve. “Without a vision, there will be no direction to steer through,” he remarked.

Idris insisted that a good leader must have a great set of communication skills ranging from active listening to being empathetic, conveying their ideas effectively, and delegating the task efficiently.

He expressed the hope that student union would always take into account the interest of the students such as health and welfare of members and time.

“We have one year to strive for what we’re fighting for, hence, we need to act accordingly,” he concluded, reaffirming his commitment. ***

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