Parents and wife biggest motivation in my success, says Adam Shaari

By Rafiqi Yusoff

GOMBAK, 13 March 2022: Adam Bin Shaari from Kulliyyah of Science, a recipient of the Best Winner Award for outstanding academic excellence at the fourth session of IIUM’s 36th Convocation today, shared that his biggest motivation was to make his parents and wife proud of his academic achievement.

In an interview with IIUMToday, Adam said: “The vigour to finish what I have started and to have a deeper understanding towards knowledge is also the biggest inspiration to complete my masters’ degree with flying colour.”

Being a postgraduate student, he conceded that the biggest challenge during his studies is the limited knowledge in his field itself as he described that his field is wider in the industry but is less exposed or having limited knowledge when it comes to academic.

The other biggest challenge encountered by Adam is the financial constraint which is commonly encountered by many, as he pursued his studies without any sponsorship.

“I did not receive a scholarship, therefore I have to work part-time while doing my masters.”

Asked about his study tips, Adam shared some helpful tips particularly in doing full research.

“The most useful tip is to sit and write your thesis. It is as easy as it sounds but it is actually hard to do because writing your thesis for two hours is very challenging, especially if you feel that it is hard.”

He also pointed out that in pursuing postgraduate studies, one should have a passion for the knowledge and research field as he encouraged others not to do it because of pressure or not being able to find a job.

“It is not a wise decision especially if you are not exactly in love with being in the research field and reading research articles,” he further clarified.

“Right now, my current focus is my wife and our future child and also to gain my confidence to continue my studies at doctorate level in the future,” Adam responded to a question regarding his future plans after graduation.

Adam’s wife, Nadiah Rashidi, who has been her husband’s support system during his postgraduate studies shared the joy on his husband’s graduation day.

Sharing her own experience, Nadiah was there during her husband’s job searching before and constantly convinced him that his masters’ degree is not the reason for not being employed as she is highly convinced that it is because of the pandemic or the job was yet meant for him.

She further mentioned that she has been a good listener to her husband when he needed someone to talk to without any judgement to simply encourage him to finish the studies despite all the ups and downs.

“Because everyone is going to have a bad day sometimes, I would just be there by lending my ear because that is actually the best kind of help and the best thing I can give to my husband,” Nadiah expressed.***

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