Sg. Petani boy gains popularity for outstanding live reporting abilities

By Farradiba

SUNGAI PETANI, 26 January 2022: Muhammad Haziq Mohd Asyraf, 12, earned recognition on social media for his outstanding live reporting abilities when he and his friends discovered a big python while cleaning a nearby neighbourhood mosque.

He went live on Facebook to provide specifics about his contact with the reptile and certainly presented an energising tale.

His Bahasa Melayu was crystal clear and grammatically correct.

The Star reported on Wednesday (26 January) that Malaysians who witnessed the video and live broadcast were ecstatic and lauded his parents and instructors for guiding him properly, with many stating that Muhammad Haziq will soon grow up to be a great reporter.

Following that, a television news crew from Astro Awani visited his village in Bukit Selambau on Tuesday (25 January) to conduct an interview with him.

The microphone was handed to him during the interview, and he began taking the cameraman on tours of the village market and interviewing local market sellers.

On Monday (24 January), Muhammad Haziq and his friends were cleaning the Bukit Selambau mosque compound.

While flushing down the drain, they noticed that the water was not flowing.

They pulled the concrete drain covers, believing the drain was clogged and saw a brown python coiling up underneath.

Muhammad Haziq went live on Facebook for two minutes and 47 seconds, welcoming viewers first and then introducing himself by his entire name before giving his news flash, powerfully communicating his experience’s shock and drama.

Later that evening, Civil Defence workers arrived and snared the python which seemed to be over three metres long.

He said that he went on Facebook Live for the first time during his encounter with the python.

Apart from that, Muhammad Haziq revealed that he enjoys cooking because his nanny, who raised him, is a baker.

He is capable of baking cakes as well as curry puffs, doughnuts, and even waffles, which he sells to earn pocket money in his neighbourhood.

Asked about a possible future as a reporter, he said he still wants to give it some consideration.

Muhammad Haziq claimed he learned to trade from his father, Mohd Asyraf Ahmad, 37, a market trader in Bukit Selambau. ***

Source: The Star

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