Psyc Day ’21, an opportunity for students to increase knowledge on psychology

By Annisa Mirandasari

GOMBAK, 27 November 2021: “Psyc Day 2021” virtually held on Thursday and Friday (25 and 26 November), which was filled with educational and recreational activities, was a success as it gave good opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of psychology.

The annual event on the theme “The Flow: To Plan or To Follow” included programmes such as Quizz Me Up!, #HealingTune, Gratitude List, Art Attack, FYP Talk, Forum: Psychology Career Post-Covid 19, and Psychology Open Mic.

Quizz Me Up!, a quiz session was held on the @psycday21 instagram account stories to test participants’ knowledge of Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Physiological Psychology.

The FYP talk included discussions on the relevance of the course by students who have completed the course, as well as by the FYP Coordinator for the Department of Psychology, Miss Nurul Miza binti Mohd Rashid. 

The Psyc Day ’21 programmes

Also included in the Psyc Day ’21 was a forum on Psychology Career Post-COVID-19 with the topic “Opportunities in Academia and Industry”, which discussed matters relating to psychology career within the endemic phase from both academic and industry perspectives. 

Meanwhile, Art Attack was a leisure programme where participants could unwind and de-stress by exploring their creative side while creating art with guidance from an instructor.

Apart from that, Psyc Day ’21 offered a platform for students to showcase their musical abilities through the “#HealingTune”, which required participants to upload a video of them singing or playing musical instruments on their Instagram story in order to be featured on Psycsta’s Instagram. 

Another event, “Gratitude List,” allowed students to take a moment of reflection to be thankful for their achievements by answering questions on a template, provided by the Psycsta team, and sharing their answers on participants’ social media accounts.

The program “Psyc Open Mic: Experiences of Self-Love During the COVID-19 Pandemic” was a sharing session on Twitter Space that allowed participants to express their own self-love regimes and ways of coping with their emotional wellbeing during the pandemic.

Opening ceremony of Psyc Day ’21 on Thursday (25 November)

Psyc Day ’21 organised by the Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA) was officiated on Zoom on Thursday (25 November) and attended by 45 participants.

More information about the events can be found on Instagram at @psycday21 or @psycstaiium. ***

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