Registration for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots open to all 18 and above

By Mahjuba Mustabshera

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 November 2021: Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin announced that registration for COVID-19 vaccine booster shot is now open for all individuals aged 18 and above.

Along with Pfizer vaccines, AstraZeneca and Sinovac have also been approved for use as booster shots.

Khairy stated that the Technical Working Group under the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force Booster (CITF-B) has recommended that booster doses be given to all individuals aged 18 and above who have completed their primary vaccine shots – either Pfizer, Sinovac, or AstraZeneca.

“The duration for the booster shot would, however, vary from person to person, based on the primary vaccine injected and one’s health status depending on the age and if there is any comorbidity sickness,” he said.

Like the primary vaccination programme, the booster shot administration will be carried out based on a step down approach prioritising the elderly first. He added, “Front liners, those with underlying health conditions, those who are pregnant or planning to travel overseas will also be prioritised for the booster doses.”

A mix and match approach for the booster shot is recommended by the CITF-B. According to Khairy, the Pfizer booster shot is suitable for all vaccine types, especially for those below 50 years old.

To boost the efficacy rates, those who are older and received AstraZeneca as their primary shots are advised to get an AstraZeneca booster. Khairy advised AstraZeneca recipients to wait for six months after their second primary dose before opting for the booster shot.

He further added, “For Sinovac recipients, once they have completed the two doses and finished the three months period, we suggest that they get a Pfizer as the booster. Whereas for those above 50 we recommend for them to take the AstraZeneca booster instead.”

However, he said, if a Sinovac recipient fears contra complications and insists on receiving the same brand, a third Sinovac shot may be administered.

“The AZ recipients may get the same booster vaccine or Pfizer as the booster shot. However, for those who got Moderna, CanSino, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer, they too may opt for the same vaccine provided they follow the inoculation window period accordingly,” he elaborated.

Registration for booster doses can be done on the MySejahtera application and the Protect Health website at

The government began administering booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccines after it was shown that the protection against infection and hospitalisation weakened over time. ***

Source: New Straits Times

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