An opportunity to prove yourself in creative writing

By Puteri An Nur

GOMBAK, 1 September 2021: The Institute of Muslim Unity (IIMU) and IIUM’s Secretariat of English Language and Literature (ELITS) club are collaborating to organise the “Creative Writing Competition” which will be held from 1 September until 30 September 2021.

The prizes for the winners of the competition

The competition which is open to all IIUM students requires the participants to submit their short stories to stand a chance of winning cash prizes up to RM300. Furthermore, the lucky winners will also stand a chance to have their short stories published in a book!

In order to participate, participants must write an original short story which revolves around the theme that is relevant to the lives of Muslims and their social issues.

Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of three short stories and all submissions must be written in English.

Participation guidelines that participants are required to follow

Short story submissions must be done via email and submitted to Entries will be accepted starting from the 1 September until 30 September, which is the last day of the competition.

Any inquiries regarding the Creative Writing Competition can be made by reaching them on Instagram @elitsiium or through Whatsapp @ 0143232501 or 01112306050.***

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