Manifesto from Nursing Constituency

By Haidah Halid

GOMBAK, 7 April 2021: A 30-minute Speaker’s Corner session was broadcast live on Instagram by IIUM’s Nursing Student Society (NURSS) on Monday (5 April) to advocate their sole constituency candidate, Nurul Ezam Asri bin Hasmat for the upcoming Student Union election. 

Nurul Ezam is a second year student from Sarawak, currently holding the position as Assistant Head for the Welfare and Sustainability Department in NURSS. 

Nurul won the Kulliyyah of Nursing’s (KON) constituency uncontested. However, it is a huge accomplishment for the kulliyyah as it has been six years since the faculty had a nursing student compete in an election. 

Early in the session, it was clarified that Nurul’s campaign did not include a poster. Hence, the reason why a live broadcast was needed for him to present his manifestos as well as to answer questions from the audience.

In presenting his manifestos, Nurul stated that he is more focused on helping at the university-level rather than kulliyyah level. However, he mentioned that he hoped a few changes or improvements will be made at the kulliyyah later in the future. 

The manifestos presented are as below. 

Enhance IIUM’s Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) platform 

  • Nurul hopes to develop and enhance the EDC platform for students especially those who are business owners. This can help boost students income as well as business skills that can help in the future.

Encourage more volunteerism activities

  • Due to the pandemic, voluntourism activities have increased but restrictions are placed especially when it comes to face-to-face projects. However, Nurul says he hopes to amplify these good deeds among IIUM students once it is safer to move around, as this activity can help build good character and discipline in an individual. 

Establish a Student Union (SU) Mart for the students, by the students  

  • Still on the business aspect, Nurul would like to establish a ‘Student Union Mart’ which can encourage students to venture into the business sector as the operations will be fully conducted by them. Furthermore, the mart will be one of the sources for the union to sustain financially.

Nurul says he hopes that this opportunity in entering the Student Union may help increase the involvement of nursing students in university-level activities.

The live session, emceed by Nurul Nadzifah, NURSS’ Secretary General for the current term, had garnered a total of 50 viewers at its peak.

The said session can be viewed now on NURSS’ instagram here.***

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